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This is a page that I will use as my blog to update you on my thoughts.  Some may lead into future newsletters, and some may be expanded upon from newsletters.


Life with Windows 10...

Since it's public release on July 29th Windows 10 is making quite an impression on a lot of people, are you one of them?  I first installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview back in February and have seen the changes that have come along, and I have been impressed.  Since I was impressed with how well the Technical Preview was working, I was anxious to install it on at least one computer here at Web-Medic, so I did just that.

First was my small touch screen laptop, an 11" touch screen laptop, powered (haha) by an Intel Celeron processor and 4gb of RAM.  Since the memory, processor, and hard drive requirements were above minimum specs I was looking forward to upgrading the OS from Windows 8.1.  Since I planned on installing on more than one machine here, I downloaded the entire OS to a USB drive to install.  Installation was relatively quick and smooth.  I was not connected via WiFi to the internet during install, I had the cable connected (hard wired) so there would be no possible issues downloading updates before installation (there was an option to download any updates before installing).  After the reboot, things seemed much like the OS I had been using on a dedicated testing computer (my Toshiba laptop, aka the guinea pig, that I had been using the Developer and Technical preview on) and I signed in with my Microsoft account.....then it mouse.  Okay, next do I have a working touch screen?  Yes was the answer.  I went to ASUS's site to download the Windows 10 driver for my little laptop, but it wouldn't install as it said the previous version had to be removed first.  So after navigating to the Settings area, I looked for, but did not find, the listing for the driver to uninstall the software for it.  Well, since it wasn't to be seen there I decided to try the next best thing, remove the device.  Once I got into Device Manager, found what I though to be the device (only one listed under the mouse area), and selected "remove this device" followed by "remove the drivers for this device at the same time" and then it was reboot time again....fingers crossed....

This time after the reboot, I saw the pointer at the main screen, clicked to get the login screen, and all was well....until the desktop appeared and the mouse pointer disappeared.  A quick check of the Device Manager showed an ASUS touch pad now listed under the mice area....then I rebooted again, and to my surprise everything has worked correctly since!

Gateway Desktop (aka The Beast)

Install for Windows 10 went well here too, again downloading the Windows 10 (this time Pro versus the Home for my laptop) file and copying it to a USB drive.  Installation went great again, and everything seemed to work flawlessly.  I was a REALLY happy camper this time!  A few days passed and I went to watch a video and I had no sound....that was odd, speakers plugged in and everything....found out why it showed volume control, the volume control was for the HDMI output.  I checked the Device Manager (hey I know exactly where to find this by now) but it didn't show any missing drivers for devices, but it did show some strange name audio driver wasn't running....okay off to Gateway to download the driver.  Well after the trip to the Gateway support page, I downloaded the audio driver for my system that I hoped would work (hey it's an old computer so the Vista driver was the newest) and low and behold I have sound out of my pc speakers again!!

The take away from all of this is is that if you have any questions about if you should upgrade, feel free to contact us for assistance, or better yet set up an appointment and we will install it for you and take care of any issues that arise.  We offer drop off/pick up services as well as on-site appointments.  I recommend drop off for an installation like this due to the possibility of issues.  Thank you for stopping by and checking in with us!



Have you signed up for your free copy of Windows 10?  If not, I completely understand....just wait and see if there are any "bugs" that need to be worked out in the initial install.  That's a great idea, not all of my machines are set to auto-download the new OS.  I am excited to get to use the full release version as I have been using the Technical Preview for quite some time and it keeps getting better!

I will post my initial thoughts and impressions as soon as it installs on my first computer later this month....stay tuned!!


This week (starting June 1) Microsoft has started putting a little icon in your notification area that looks like the Windows logo.  If you just hover your mouse over this it says "Get Windows 10".  If you click on it you can reserve your copy of Windows 10 for FREE.  Yes, Microsoft is GIVING you their latest operating system for FREE (on July 29th when it's released).

This is quite a change from Microsoft's old "charge them for a flawed operating system, patch it some for free, then charge them for another one that supposedly fixes the flaws the previous one had". - Those are my words, certainly not Microsoft's.  Apple has been offering their latest operating system for free to users for the last few versions.  Heck if you have Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later, go to the app store and you will find their latest OS, Yosemite (OS X 10.10), for free.  Microsoft has upped their game so to speak by offering an amnesty upgrade.  Even if you have a non-legitimate version of Windows 7 or 8 (8.1) you can download and install the new Windows 10 for free and have it actually licensed. 

Once you "reserve your copy of Windows 10" by clicking on the icon in your notification area, upon the release of Windows 10, you will get the Windows 10 version that matches your existing version (you have home, you get home.  You have professional, you get professional) *Enterprise clients do not get the free upgrade.  This will be a fairly large download (~3gb) once it comes, but it will download in the background and then you can upgrade to the new experience when you choose.

Thanks for checking in!  Stop back again soon!




For many years I have been working on computers and as a mechanic.

I have been blessed that after all of these years, I still truly enjoy working on computers.  It doesn't matter the problem, although frustrating at times, there is nothing like solving issues that others either don't or can't.  I specialize in all types of electronic nowadays.  I have a Mac desktop and laptop, I have Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 PCs all running in our household.  Servers, yep got those too.

We have used everything from a FreeNAS server, Windows Server 2008 , Windows Home Server 2011 and they have been retired.  Primarily they been PC file sharing and backup servers more than anything else.  Today for backup and file sharing inside of Web-Medic we use a WD MyCloud device.  I have found that for what we need internally (and remotely accessible) this is the device that has proven time and again to be the most cost effective for our use.  Although not what some would call a true NAS device, this WD Personal MyCloud has served us well.  We haven't upgraded yet to the Business class one, but look forward to doing so in the future.

Do you have a favorite file sharing device that you use?  Send me an email and I will feature the best ones here.  It may even lead to a head to head comparison in an upcoming newsletter!

- Mike